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Proudly providing service and repair on Husqvarna Viking and PFAFF machines.


Machine Troubleshooting:
"Check the needle,
Check the thread,
Check the bobbin,
Try again!"

1. Check the needle:
Make sure that the needle you're using is sharp and free of any burrs. Make sure you're using the right needle type and size for the fabric and thread you've chosen.
When in doubt, change it out!
2. Check the thread:
Unthread and rethread your machine. Always thread your machine with the presser foot raised.
3. Check the bobbin:
This is probably the most common source of easy to fix problems when sewing. Make sure you have the correct bobbin for your machine. Check to see that the thread is unspooling in the right direction in your bobbin case - for most machines, the thread should unspool counterclockwise, making a letter "P". Always wind your bobbin with the presser foot raised, and at a slower speed. Press the thread on your bobbin with your fingernail. It should be firm, but still give slightly when pressed. A loopy or spongy bobbin is a sure way to be a frustrated sewer!

A few other things to check before you call for service...
Clean your bobbin area using a brush or small vacuum attachment. Never use forced air to clean your machine.
Make sure your bobbin winder is disengaged when trying to sew.
Try unplugging your machine and plugging it back in. Use a power strip to protect your machine from power surges.
Bring your machine in for regular, professional cleaning and servicing. We recommend once a year for regular use.